The Energy Showcase

A Pioneering Solar House



Picture 1 – The greenhouse insulated foundation wall, complete with outer paving slabs for protection from vermin.

2, 3 & 4 – The in situ concrete septic tank. Work progressed very rapidly from a hole in the ground to … a finished structure in need of backfilling and preparing for the two manhole covers as Frank is seen doing. In the finished garden, these covers are concealed by removeable paving slabs.

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Picture 5 – Construction of the linear rainwater soakway to the south of the house. Not visible are the lengths of waste pipe which make up most of the soakaway’s volume and help it to contain enough stormwater. This ‘debris’ was topped with the small amount of crushed stone left over from constructing the septic tank leachfield.

6 – The high-quality surplus subsoil from excavating the house foundations, septic tank and foul and surface water drainage was eventually placed in a mound next to the road, followed by the topsoil. It serves as a combined noise barrier and shrub garden. Initially one pile looked more like this.

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