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The interior is relatively free of ornament. This ‘modernity’ is combined with an extensive use of natural materials which do not ‘offgas’ or have other adverse health impacts.

Reject and offcut materials are used widely; e.g., in the hardwood joinery and polished stone floors. Incredibly, many of these products would otherwise have been burned or landfilled as ‘construction waste’. The hardwood which could not be sourced from offcuts is FSC-certified timber grown elsewhere in Europe.

A systematic analysis was made before choosing most materials. This included their environmental impact, lifetime and functionality.

Here are some pictures of the interior taken as the project moves towards completion. 65% of the floor is clad in ‘stone tiles’ made of kitchen worktop offcuts and a few pieces of reclaimed stone. The kitchen floor is granite, ‘softened’ by the use of large cotton rugs.

25% of the floor is reclaimed maple T&G flooring. Another 10% of it is made from oak offcuts. These were machined into T&G boards from the ‘leftovers’ after the rest of the house was nearly finished.

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The stairs are clad in green UK slate, with nosings made from oak offcuts. The balustrades are a combination of plastered blockwork and fair-faced reclaimed Yorkstone.

The dado and picture rails are FSC-certified oak. The cavity behind them contains the electrical, IT and telecoms wiring.

The built-in solid timber furniture was all constructed in situ. Small hardwood components such as kitchen unit doors were constructed in a joiner’s workshop. The doors have a natural wood finish in order to provide warmth and to complement the white walls and ceilings. The ceilings and the walls above skirting/wainscoting level are finished in a pure white silicate paint. Contrast and ‘warmth’ is provided by extensive areas of natural timber and the various shades of natural stone.

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